Brain Development Study at Stanford Seeks Participants

Brain Development Study at Stanford School of Medicine Research Lab

We are looking for healthy 3rd and 4th graders for a research study exploring brain development in children over the course of an academic school year. Anticipated duration is three separate 1-2 hour sessions.

 Participation involves the following:

-Self-reports, behavioral tasks and an IQ assessment

-Brain imaging with fNIRS -- scans are safe, non-invasive and do not use x-rays or radiation. They are used to look at brain activity.

As a participant, you will receive:

-Information from assessments and IQ test, with a report of the assessment upon request

-Total payment of $75.00 for your participation -- plus some fun prizes

-Access to ongoing updates about the study.


For more information, or to enroll in the study, please e-mail msch@stanford.edu http://cibsr.stanford.edu


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