Restaurant and School Kitchen Inspections in Palo Alto

See how local food facilities performed in county health inspections.

Bugs. Dirty hands. Contaminated surfaces.

Are you getting more than you ordered when you eat out in Palo Alto? And how about your kids' schools?

Food facility inspection results, including any violations for which an establishment was cited, can be found online using the Food Facility Inspections Search Engine tool at the county website.

Consumers can search the results for Palo Alto—as well as any city in Santa Clara County—two ways: either by entering the facility name, or typing Palo Alto in the Facility Address field and clicking the search function. The later search will show the closest 50 results.

To see how local restaurants, watering holes, schools and stores fared, click the name of the food facility, then the link “Click to view inspection report” for details from the most recent inspection.

Scores and grades are not available online, but a history provides a look at infractions for which an establishment was flagged at the time of the routine inspection, the type of violation, whether it was minor or major in nature, and follow-up inspections.

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