Dramatic Ashton Kutcher in Steve Jobs Movie Trailer

'Jobs' movie is due out Aug. 16. Will you watch it Palo Alto?

'Jobs' hits theaters on Aug. 16.
'Jobs' hits theaters on Aug. 16.
Written by L.A. Chung

One of the first Apple computers ever built goes on auction at Christie's this week, but the first trailer of the Ashton Kutcher film about Steve Jobs is what everyone from the Silicon Valley Business Journal to Gawker is weighing in on. 

This is the first of two films about Apple's late founder, the one that attracted a lot of attention in Los Altos, when the film crew spent three days shooting at Jobs' childhood home on Crist Drive.

The second is being written by Oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin of "The Social Network" fame, which hasn't been cast for the lead yet.

Kutcher's almost dead-on similarity with Jobs is well-known, and Steve Wozniak reportedly hasn't had a problem with how Josh Gad appears as him, says blogger Jesus Diaz, who interviewed the Woz.

Diaz also observes, to our relief, that "they changed that stupid jOBS title to just Jobs."

Of course, what many folks in Los Altos will be interested in seeing is the house on Crist Drive, where quite a few hung around last summer during the three-day film shoot at Jobs' childhood home. There weren't any shoots around Cupertino, even though some dramatic scenes unfold cinematically inside Apple's Cupertino offices. 

The Los Altos garage takes a prominent spot on the Jobs movie site. The movie is due out August 16. 

And the starting bid at Christie's of the Apple 1 produced in that same garage in 1976 will start at $300,000 and is could hit $500,000.


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