KPIG's Alternative Newsman Travus T. Hipp Died Friday Morning

The man known for decades on the radio by his Hipp name passed away in his sleep at home in Silver City, Nevada. Among other things, he was famous for getting arrested for growing marijuana while broadcasting live.


Callers began flooding Freedom-based radio station KPIG-FM (107.5) Friday after disk jockeys told listeners that controversial newsman Travis T. Hipp passed away in his sleep overnight.

He was the man who gave "All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

The 75-year-old, who was born Chandler Laughlin III, seemed like a lifelong hippie and did his news reports by phone from his home in Silver City, Nevada, because he thought California was going to fall into the ocean.

Hipp was part of the 1960s revolution, a contemporary of Wavy Gravy, who spent time at radio stations KSAN in San Francisco and KZAP in Sacramento before he signed up with KFAT in Gilroy, which turned into KPIG in Freedom in 1988.

"He basically gave the listeners a different view of the news on a daily basis and from our perspective it was greatly appreciated," said KPIG manager Frank Caprista.

One difference included getting arrested on the air in 2008 by Nevada police for having 14 marijuana plants growing.

DJs were playing songs in his memory Friday, including in the KPIG satirical tradition, "Fixin' to Die Rag," by Country Joe and the Fish.

The station will do some kind of memorial Monday, Caprista said. They didn't know any family memorial details yet.

"He lived a colorful life," said Caprista, which included living on a houseboat in Sausalito, serving the the Navy and living in Monterey afterwards, and doing news reports from Nepal, Tibet and the Middle East.

The station got word of his death from another former DJ, Sister Tiny, who also lives in Silver City and formerly worked at KFAT.

If you have air checks of Travus's reports, post the links here and add your memories of him in the comments section.

Hear a collection of his newscasts here.

Rumwold Leigh April 02, 2013 at 09:34 PM
As stated above, I'm writing something about Stoneground and am seeking all I can get on the late Lynne Hughes. Anything you can tell me will be much appreciated.
Andrew Barbano April 03, 2013 at 02:02 AM
To: rumwoldleigh@netscape.net (Rumwold Leigh) Re: Lynne Hughes Go to http://nevadalabor.com/barbwire/barb12/travusadios.html I also have contacts for Lynne's family. Lemme know. Be well. Raise hell. Andrew Barbano <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us>
Andrew Barbano April 19, 2013 at 10:46 PM
Just Uploaded: Love Ain't Free Evelyn Kerr's remembrances of the life and times of Travus T. Hipp from the pages of TimeMazine. http://nevadalabor.com/barbwire/barb12/travustmz58.html All comments welcome. Enjoy. Be well. Raise hell. Andrew Barbano <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us>
Andrew Barbano June 24, 2013 at 07:38 PM
All four editions of Travus and Lynne's short-lived newspaper, the hilarious 1987-88 Bullfrog Times-Picayune, are now posted at http://nevadalabor.com/barbwire/barb12/travusadios.html Also, a touching comment from a former fan in Las Vegas who, for inexplicable reasons, Googled Travus on the anniversary of his death and thus belatedly found out. Be well. Raise hell. Andrew Barbano <barbano@frontpage.reno.nv.us>
p. troy glover October 24, 2013 at 07:49 PM
This is a bit late regarding the late Travus T Hipp, but just found out about his passing & what he was doing on radio since the once truly great KZAP folded in 1979. In the 70's , some FM stations had real DJ's who put together unique shows with eclectic yet great artists & musicians; Travus, of course was a talk show guy. Too bad he's gone; I wish I had known about KFAT, but, by tradition when a personality is replaced, you damn stations won't tell listeners even with self-addressed stamped envelopes!


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