Dream Cycles Sold at A Street Bike Named Desire

Racers and mountain bikers need to look elsewhere--these bikes were designed to fit your lifestyle on the streets of Palo Alto.

Remember the thrill of riding your bike when you were a kid—the wind flowing through your hair as you pedaled as fast as your could to your friend’s house? Back then you could either walk or ride your bike—those were your only two choices of transportation.

Today, too often, we jump into the car for a quick trip without ever thinking twice.

A Street Bike Named Desire aims to change your thought process, giving you the option once again to hop on a bike to run nearby errands while getting passive exercise at the same time.

The Town and Country Village bicycle shop is filling a niche for people, mostly women, who want a bike designed for comfort and convenience rather than for pretending that you’re training for the Tour de France. They sport such features as baskets for carrying books or groceries, bells and lights for safety, and wide, comfy, spring-supported seats.

“The bikes, they’re beautiful, but we wanted to tap an unmet demographic—people who want to ride leisurely,” said Joe Robinson. “Wear the clothes you have on—whether one mile or five miles.”

Joe owns the shop with his father Dan. The father-son duo opened their store last year. They’ve selected handmade bikes from Europe with as much care as a museum director curating a new exhibition. Last Friday morning Joe pointed out the features of a Pashley, a British classic with a built-in lock, fully enclosed chain, and on-bike pump that blends seamlessly into the design. While, over there—that one’s the “family car” of Amsterdam. Pop the kids into a “box cycle” to take them along on errands.

Joe says that the store tends to be quiet on weekday mornings, and hectic on weekends—welcome business to a startup that has been successful from the outset. The store also sells accessories.

Believing that “you get what you pay for,” the bikes in this shop are “the best of the best,” according to Joe. The best will cost in the $800 - $1,000 range.

A Street Bike Named Desire is located at 855 El Camino Real, Suite 16, Palo Alto, 94301. Phone the shop at 650-323-2453 or toll free 877-413-BIKE. It’s open Monday - Saturday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.


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