Ford Opens Research Lab in Palo Alto

Car company is latest to open shop in Silicon Valley.

Ford Motor Company is launching a research lab in Silicon Valley, following a string of other car companies to do the same, according to the Associated Press.

The lab opening, reported Thursday night, will help the company “scout out new technology and stay ahead of trends,” according to the report.

“This is a very natural extension into one of the most innovative communities in the world,” said Ford Chief Technical Officer Paul Mascarenas.

The lab will employ 15 researchers who rotate in and out from Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, and will focus on integrating phones and other devices into cars, new safety measures, and other innovations, according to the report.

Ford joins , General Motors and VW in taking advantage of Palo Alto’s brain trust to focus on car innovation.

The move follows a major December report that found Silicon Valley to be .

Beyond being a research hotspot, Palo Alto has also been quick to begin moving toward electric cars. The city has to support the surge in power consumption, and an annual electric car rally has become a .


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