Mark Zuckerberg to Disrupt San Francisco

Social media titan to have fireside chat with Tech Crunch host.

is scheduled to speak at the Tech Crunch Disrupt SF 2012 conference this afternoon during a “Fireside Chat” in San Francisco.  

The Disrupt SF conference is where venture capitalists and entrepreneurs can connect face-to face over coffee and also hear stories from globally-known businesswomen and men.  It is hosted by Patch’s sister publication, Tech Crunch.

This year, conference organizers booked multiple speakers from Menlo Park such as Ben Horowitz of the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, Reid Hoffman of Greylock Partners,  and Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures.  Many of them will be talking about the issues that face today’s technology company founders in a forum that gives them the opportunity to answer tough questions.

The crown jewel of the speaker line up is Mark Zuckerberg of a company which also has its global . 

Zuckerberg is scheduled to speak at 2 p.m. after lunch, which was a smart move for organizers.  Usually people submerge into the confines of a food coma during the hour after a hearty lunch.  A famous speaker is sure to energize the thousands of techies who traveled to San Francisco to attend this conference.  While the $3,000 price of admission was a barrier for some, lean startup executives can watch the speakers on the event’s live video stream.  About 24,000 people were tuned in at 10 a.m.  

Directly underneath the video feed are tweets from people who are using the event’s hashtag “#TCDisrupt.”  When I tuned in, some people were tweeting Kevin Rose’s banalities verbatim.

@BobWollheim tweeted:  “It's ok to be honest // Kevin Rose Google Ventures // #tcdisrupt.”

Some were seeking answers.

"Isn't @arringtoninteviewing Zuckerberg today?#TCDisrupt," tweeted @GeorgKrueger.

Others were discussing what Zuckerberg should adddress during his chat.

@BlairReeves tweeted: “Zuck should use this oppy as a mea culpa - others are cashing in on social media mkting, why isn't FB? #TCdisrupt.”

The social media company has been by analysts and investors around the world for not focusing on revenue generation activity rapidly enough.  The fluctuating price of Facebook shares has also not been received well. 

Patch will be watching Zuckerberg’s chat to keep you in the loop about the future of Facebook and how that relates to life in Menlo Park. 


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randy albin September 11, 2012 at 09:32 PM
how ridiculous-like this is really fair to all of the peons. what a level playing field there is in the silicon valley. why not just call it quits and go out and be a gentleman farmer or a recluse somewhere. let's hear it for the 1% who can do whatever they want at the expense of the daily laborers


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