Palo Alto Company Delivers Millions of Magazines Digitally--and Free

Users pay no subscription fees or monthly charges. How much do users love that? Try 5 billion page views a month.

Issuu allows you free access to millions of publications. (Photo Credit: Issuu)
Issuu allows you free access to millions of publications. (Photo Credit: Issuu)

Palo Alto-based Issuu is expanding its reach.

According to the company, Issuu is the world’s fastest growing digital publishing, sharing, and discovery platform delivering over 5 billion page views across 15 million magazines, catalogs and newspapers to over 80 million visitors each month. Users pay no subscription fees or monthly charges.

Issuu has just has released a new Android app available exclusively on Google Play. 

“Today for the first time Issuu readers can carry 15 million magazines on their favorite Android device and discover content from hundreds of thousands of global publishers,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu. “The new app was designed from the pixels up to offer the world’s best mobile reading experience. And, with the massive depth and breadth of content on Issuu there is something for the enthusiast in everyone.”

Palo Alto Weekly, Huffington magazine, and Coastal Wedding are available, along with magazines that focus on cooking, travel and other topics. The app also offers catalogues and stylish lookbooks that cover everything from fashion and parenting to gluten-free cooking. Made for sharing, the app’s social features let readers explore, connect and collect content with other passionate people from around the world that share the same interests.

“We are excited to partner with ISSUU to extend the reach of Huffington magazine to allow an even wider audience to engage with the best of The Huffington Post,” said Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief Huffington Post Media Group.

"As an independent publisher with regular titles, Issuu is invaluable to us, not just for the first class interface on all platforms, but it connects us to a huge global community and offers targeted distribution. It's the future of digital publishing,” said Ian Cole, Editor-in-Chief Client Magazine.

Issuu is backed by Sunstone Capital.


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