Tesla Announces Delivery Date for Model S

Highly anticipated follow-up to Roadster ready to roll of the line.

Tesla Motors announced Tuesday that their new all-electric sedan, the Model S, will start delivering June 22, according to a blog by Tesla VP George Blankenship.

“We are ahead of schedule and can’t wait to put our first Reservation Holders behind the wheel!” wrote Blankenship. “We’ve been looking forward to this day for over three years, and the buzz around the office and the factory is escalating every day.”

The company is plannign a day of celebration for employees, and the activities will be livestreamed from teslamotors.com.

"My heart is racing just thinking about it!" wrote Blankenship.

Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience, Blankenship said he’s been thinking about the factory in Fremont—the former NUMMI plant—nonstop, and is amazed at their robots’ ability to “position major sections of the car and how quickly our massive presses can transform huge rolls of aluminum into doors, hoods and battery enclosures."

The announcement on Blankenship’s blog also marks the first day of a standing weekly series called Inside Tesla, where employees will show off highlights from inside the factory.

Blankenship also announced that the Model S will offer customizable regenerative braking, allowing drivers to toggle the feature up and down as desired.

The steering in the Model S will also be adjustable, Blankenship announced. Drivers will be able to choose between Comfort, Standard, and Sport options.

Perhaps the coolest new feature, however, is adjustable suspension, which allows a driver to jack up the car a few inches "when faced with pesky speed bumps or very high when loading up the Frunk with groceries and supplies for a summer BBQ," wrote Blankenship.


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