Will Caltrain Add Wi-Fi?

Requested by riders for years,Caltrain is seeking funding to make it happen.

Maybe local commuters spend upwards of an hour every day on Caltrain, but are met with a “No signal” message if they try to connect to a wi-fi network on their laptops.

Caltrain, which carries passengers from San Francisco to tech-savvy Silicon Valley, is considering wi-fi, but the estimated $3 million retrofit currently costs too much, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

Caltrain recently hired Singer Associates to put together a package to present to companies like Google, in hopes of gaining sponsorship for a wi-fi initiative.

In 2006, Caltrain ran a pilot test for wi-fi, but the effort ran short due to a lack of funding. For years, wi-fi has been the most requested service on Caltrain, with 500 riders emailing them in November 2011 through advocacy group Friends of Caltrain.

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