Master Gu will be speak at 2014 New Living Expo in San Mateo

"Alternative" is becoming the new "mainstream" as more and more people embrace getting back to the basics with their homes, diets and bodies. The New Living Expo brings together cutting-edge lecturers, thought-provoking speakers, more than 200 exhibitors of sustainable living products exhibitors, local and independent vendors and artisans, delicious food, classes and more.
Author, activist and would-be politician Marianne Williamson heads a group of featured guests at the event. Appearing by Skype, she'll discuss her run for congress, and the challenges she sees for our world today.
Other special guests include comedian and activist Dick Gregory, Illuminati expert David Wilcock, and medium Gail Thackray.
Ken Wilber, creator of the Integral Theory, will be featured via Skype,
Master Mingtong Gu conducting a special Ceremony at 10:30am out front, and a workshop at noon that same day.
Other speakers include near-death survivor Dannion Brinkley, shamanist Lynn Andrews, former president Dwight D. Eisenhower's great-granddaughter Laura Eisenhower, Riane Eisler, and dozens of others.
You'll be able to choose from among some 100 lectures, special events, workshops and panels on a variety of subjects, as well as browse exhibits, taste natural food samples, hear live music, attend yoga/QiGong classes, peruse a world-class bookstore featuring alternative literature and hard-to-find books, and imbibe at the Organic Wine & Beer Pavilion.
Learn more: http://www.newlivingexpo.com/


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