Belmont History Quiz: What Can You Identify in This Photo?

Test your Belmont history knowledge by answering a many of the following questions as possible.

Once again, our thanks to Belmont historian Denny Lawhern for providing this wonderful old photo and the story behind it.

But before we tell you too much about the scene above, let's see how much you can tell us. He/She with the most correct answers will receive an "I Love Belmont" bumper sticker.

  • During what time period was this shot taken?
  • What is the location of this photo? (be as specific as possible)
  • What is the Bella Monti Country Club known as today?
  • What is the significance of the bell on the left side of the photo?

Please enter your answers in the comment section below. The winner(s) will be announced on Monday.

(Tip: You can see a framed version of this photo with a description of the scene at Starbucks at Carlmont Shopping Center.)

Want to see more of these incredible photos? Visit Denny the second Saturday of the month at the Belmont Historical Society located in the Manor Building in Twin Pines Park.

Terri Cook April 27, 2012 at 09:47 PM
BTW, my family can relate to this photo. My grandparents (and my mother and uncles) belonged to the country club, my mother went to Notre Dame School for Girls and my uncles attended the military academy! I swear the young girl in the photo could be my mother as the hairdo looks just like hers did at that age.
George Metropulos April 28, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Looks like the southeast corner of ECR and Ralston, where the Belmont Car Wash used to be. Old timers will know that some time after Messner's was gone, there was a Windy City Pizza there. "Chicago Style" was quite the new thing then. Next to Windy City on one side was The Swallow Inn (a Chinese restaurant). It was a red brick building. On the north side there was a gas station. Then, cafe Max's, Indulge Buffet, U-Buffet. I think there was a gas station on at least two of those 4 corners back then. The Blockbuster site was a Phillips 66 or Chevron. I can't remember. The third corner was the car wash, and the Northeast corner was good ol' Hal's Whistle Stop.
Senta April 28, 2012 at 03:58 PM
thanks george! i used to use the Chevron where the Blockbuster building is. i miss the Whistle Stop, it was my Grandpa's favorite restaurant whenever they came to visit. What i really really miss tho is the big pink building! whenever i thought of "Belmont", my hometown growing up, i always thought of the pink building. it stood out when driving down Talbryn and looking at the view. plus it was a great antiques store. I'm so sad it was torn down!
Denny Lawhern April 28, 2012 at 04:23 PM
We all miss the Pink Building. It was the corner stone of our old downtown. Built in 1908 by Walter Emmett, it served our town for many years. 6 months before it was torn down, Historical Society members explored and documented the area below the building that dated back to the 1850's. We were able to save a lot of the artifacts from the original Angelo's Corners that were below the building, and are now kept at our History Room in Twin Pines Park. The biggest reward for the Historical Society team members was the 1200 people who came for a tour of the Pink Building and the area below it, the last weekend before it was torn down. Belmont Historian
Bill D. Metropulos June 17, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Hi Denny. Every time a historic BELMONT picture gets posted I think of you. My first time on PATCH although I've been answering questions about Belmont's history on the Facebook link to 'You know you're from Belmont'. It's been too long since visiting the history room. Next time it's open I will come by and talk with you. Thanks for all your work Denny. Bill Metropulos


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