Best of Bay Area Bloggers: Buying a Tree, Loving College, and Replacing an American Flag

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Photo by Petaluma Patch blogger Bruce Cohn.
Photo by Petaluma Patch blogger Bruce Cohn.

Bay Area Patch bloggers have a lot to say, and this week's post gave us some amazing photos, insight on how to buy the best Christmas tree, and tales of success in local politics. Read on for more. 

This Bay Area arborist has timely advice on Concord Patch for the many of us looking for a Christmas tree this weekend.

Blogger Dave Alden on Petaluma Patch recalls on his blog the pretty third-grade girl he once walked to school with, and how a “virtual school bus” is getting kids to class today.

Blogger Bruce Cohn brings us another blogging gem on Petaluma Patch this week, with his shots of the North Bay sunrise and more. 

Blogger Jennifer Loring on Alameda Patch gives us the best websites to waste time on this week, as we recover from Thanksgiving food comas and look ahead to the rest of the holidays.

 Piedmont Patch blogger Ruby Long succeeded in her campaign to get a new American flag flying over the Piedmont Post Office.

Dublin Patch blogger Kathy Walker really loves college. And unlike many of us, who may look back wish we were still in college, she realizes how much she loves it while she is still there


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