From Armstrong to Pharmstrong: America Needs You Back, Lance

I truly hope Lance becomes an adult and recovering sociopath this week.

Seems like I've been watching Lance do his amazing thing all of my adult life. Whoa! Love that kinna focus and vision, I used to think...

I'm not a cyclist but know many road bike maniacs and totally dig the passion and dedication they and the sport demand. It's gotta be a drag to have a hero like Lance Armstrong fall off the pedestal the way he did.

I look forward to what Armstrong has to say to Oprah Winfrey this week because it matters. If the man can surrender–I mean really surrender–to the depth and breadth of his crime to America, you GO Lance. I mean, this country is all about redemption theology when the redeemer is the real thing.

Hafta admit, if he does do this without cheating, he'll join my human race again.

But if the guy is just looking for another way to manipulate our system for personal gain or this is part of a plea bargain so he can take advantage of America's famous penchant for amnesia to reinvent himself: Go straight to Hell, Lance Pharmstrong.  

It's not that Armstrong just epitomizes the, "wink-wink, everybody's doin' it, it's not wrong if you don't get caught" great American shuffle, it's that he's engrained an awful, indellible meme in many impressionable kids and now young adults. He exemplified and upheld the virtue that mind-body-spirit fitness is the ticket to success while seducing millions into probably one of the biggest scams of our lifetime.

By the way, mind-body-spirit fitness is the key to success. Lance just abandoned his mind and spirit by the proverbial roadside. 

We'll know by his words and body language if he's sincere and comes clean with what he intends to do to make amends–I'm a sucker for ressurection. We'll also know if he's workin' US again through the slimebag, wag-the-dog machine of which Lance has the resources to hire.

I truly hope Lance becomes an adult and recovering sociopath this week. It could happen and America needs more truth tellers.

Pharmstrong is dead. Long live Armstrong. Live strong, Lance. I'm rootin' for you.

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