Neon and Grunge? What's in Store for Spring 2012

Our intrepid high school reporter Shaun Leong checks out the latest fashion trends in women's clothing and tells you where to snag a stylish deal in Berkeley.

With spring around the corner and sunshine already gracing the Bay Area, it’s time to bag up those winter clothes and step out in a new style.

The trends for spring 2012 are showing up in stores around Berkeley, and include:

  • 1990s fashion (cool grunge, baby-doll, big and baggy)
  • Neon (the brighter the better)
  • Sheer (transparent fabrics)
  • Color blocking (putting solid blocks of color next to one another)
  • Cut outs ("stategically sexy", peekaboo holes)

There are numerous stores in Berkeley to shop for the spring look. Recently, I walked up and down Telegraph Avenue and the surrounding area to find clothing and accessories that stay on trend and are still very affordable.

is located on Telegraph Avenue across the street from the popular ice cream sandwich shop . At Mars, the vintage clothes are arranged by decade, which helps when shopping for trends from a certain era. The '90s rack contains everything from rompers to bright colored shirts and jackets — all at a pocket-friendly price.

 is on Bancroft Way, directly across from the Cal campus. This is a popular store for UC Berkeley students and is home to many of the latest trends. The abundance of in shirts, dresses, and tank tops in solid colors makes it the perfect one-stop shop for a color-blocking ensemble. At this store, there are also several items that have a '90s color palette consisting of neon purples, greens, and blues. 

 on Telegraph Avenue has all the trends, from neon pink sheer tank tops to brightly colored shirts with cut outs — they don’t mess around with the latest fashions. It’s a great little place to sneak a peek at what to wear in the upcoming season.

, three doors down from Sway, mixes old with new. Since this is a used clothing store, the buyers purchase clothes that stay on track with what’s in style in an effort to offer the latest trends at an affordable price. It’s a fun place to shop, with a lively environment that brings students from the campus and young adults from Berkeley and surrounding towns.

Have you spotted a spring fashion deal or trend? Share it in the comments.

Shaun Leong is a senior at .

Tanya Jo Miller March 20, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Color blocking -- who knew?
Monica Lam March 21, 2012 at 03:28 PM
I love this column idea!
Tanya Jo Miller March 21, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Yes Monica -- never forget you saw Shaun Leong's byline here at Berkeley Patch first -- a star in the making!
Emily Henry March 21, 2012 at 10:13 PM
I am so excited to get my 1990s back on! I knew I was holding onto all that stuff for a reason....


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