Lifting Weights to Elevate Fitness

Tailor training to your fitness, goals and age

“Weight training” may conjure images of oiled muscle-flexing body builders, even former California governors, but it can be a simple and affordable way to get and stay stronger,.

According to some doctors, using free weights – barbells, dumbbells or bars – is one of the best training activities because they mimic movements in daily life. Think of your daily chores: carrying groceries, lifting children and laundry baskets, pushing lawnmowers and vacuums, or pulling books from a high shelf. Adding free weights – even little as one- to five-pounders – to your exercise routine strengthens the muscles we use to lift, carry, push or pull.  

Free weight exercises offer the following benefits to all of us:

  • promote neuromuscular well being
  • burn calories
  • boost metabolism
  • strengthen muscles

Health specialists suggest that a good regimen for working with free weights is two to three times per week. Some basic tips to start out include:

  • Select a moderate starting weight.
  • When you get started, some muscle fatigue may occur but should not be painful.
  • Don’t overdo it; start small and build up.
  • If the weight you choose seems too easy, it's probably just about right.
  • If it hurts, stop.
  • The weight, motion and number of repetitions can be tailored to your fitness, goals and age.
Sarah Lux April 25, 2011 at 11:41 PM
Great article Cynthia. I couldn't agree more about the benefits of weight training. I personally find that I stick to training if I'm in a class with a teacher who can correct my form. If you ever want to come and take an awesome weight training class, feel free to stop by Uforia Studios, www.uforiastudios.com.


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