What's Up With Mitchell Park Library?

The new facilities were supposed to be open in April 2012, but late March 2013 is current best guess.

Since the second anniversary of approval of the contract for the new Mitchell Park library and community center is this week review of progress or lack thereof is appropriate. In early August 20110 Flintco was awarded the contract for $24,356,000  plus 10% contingency,  $26,801,500 total for construction of the 40,000 sq. ft. library and 16,000 sq. ft. community center, replacing the52 year old 10,000 sq. ft. library and 10,000 sq. ft. community center.  Turner Construction won a contract for $2,600,000 plus 10% contingency to help oversee construction at Mitchell Park, making total commitment $29,661,500.   

Expected cost was $32,400,000 for construction only.

Completion was expected by spring of 2012.  The contract has a 600 day required completion date or around the second week of April 2012.  Work has extended about 115 days past the planned completion date already, and over 1/3 of the construction remains to be done.  Public Works updated construction status at the July Library Advisory Commission meeting and in a report to City Council (ID #2927). Change orders for $2,184,726 to Flintco have been approved already, bringing current cost to $31,846,226. Last year staff worried that Flintco was not performing and asked that contingency be increased to 20%. allowing $27,045,060 just forconstruction.  Total allowance for construction is $29,237,000.  Add Turner’s management cost plus contingency and the total could be $32,097,100 or almost the original construction cost estimate.

While the amount spent or approved so far is 74% of the allowed amount, only about 63% of the work is done.  That’s because money is spent for supplies and preliminary work before jobs are completed, so spending outpaces completion until nearly the end of the project. Best guess for completion and occupancy of the new facilities now is late March 2013, almost a year late.  There have been a number of issues with construction so far.  Windows and glass doors arrived late or were the wrong size.  The window subcontractor, Fast Glass, has been slow to deliver and quality has been questionable and sometime required replacements. Some stucco coating was applied with the wrong mix and cracked.  Flintco wanted to just put more stucco over the cracks and proceed, but staff and Turner insisted that a metal mesh screen be applied over the cracked areas and then coated with properly mixed stucco.  That keeps the cracks from growing through the stucco over time.

Flintco claims some of the delays and change orders were caused by incomplete or inaccurate drawings by Group 4 who designed the library and community center buildings. Apparently both Group 4 architects and Flintco contributed to the cost and schedule over-runs, but exactly who did what and how much that error increased costs for the project is unclear at this time, but city staff is working actively to seek recovery of costs due to problems caused by Group 4 drawing errors or omissions, whichever is found to have caused the cost and schedule over-runs.  Flintco is liable for $2,500/day for every day beyond the original completion date.  Currently that totals $287,500 with Flintco certain to object and try to blame Group 4 for any delays.

Main library expansion and renovation probably will cost more because it will go out for bid early next year instead of having been bid already. Construction bids  probably will be higher next year, increasing costs for Main library improveents.

Mike silva December 07, 2012 at 04:40 AM
I have worked on this job site for a year now. The job plans are very poorly designed and 2000 rfi's back this up. It is a power struggle between Turner and Flintco. No one is worried about the library everyone is working on their court case. No subcontractors have been paid since June causing no one wanting to do anything on the project. The taxpayers are being screwed by Palo Altos powers that be. When will someone realize what's really going on out there?


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