The SFO noise abatement complaints do NOTHING! They IGNORE THEM, and pretend they don't know what you are talking about! Then, there is a snotty SFO operator (calls herself 1760), who tells you that "you live in an airport town, you have to just live with it!" (WHAT A TERRIBLE ATTITUDE!) NO WE DON'T! Airports are supposed to benefit people, but not at the EXPENSE of people! So, technology to determine what is disturbing to residents must change along with the airplane technology; otherwise there will never be an accurate assessment of what is bothersome about the noise coming from the airport and the airplanes! Does anyone even know what impact this rumbling, booming, undulating sound, that comes in waves, has on people? Personally it bothers my ears, makes me feel dizzy, nauseated, off balance, and raises my irritability level. 12/03/2013, 12:30 am, and it sounds like business as usual at the airport! It is AWFUL! I spoke with an SFO manager, Charles Navigante on the phone, and he had nothing helpful to say about the terrible noise, nor anything about my suggestion about the airport putting up a noise barrier wall! He basically wanted to get off the phone with me, and wanted me to speak with the ineffective noise abatement dept. He said they would give me a call....they NEVER did! He is an ineffective manager! I have noticed that the airport traffic has gotten heavier, and goes longer into the night, or just not ending at all! When I told him about the weird rumbling sound, like in waves, he acted like he was puzzled by my comment, and said that it must be the way the sound echoed around the hills. Well, since then, I read that the airplane technology had changed, and the sound emitting from the planes are more vibration, than noise. "...But noise may have given way to vibration.

“I think when they engineered these new engines it actually made more of a vibration,” said Gary Aronson, a Millbrae resident who has spent most of his 60 years living right next to the airport on the other side of U.S. Highway 101.
Neither SFO nor the FAA measure vibrations. To do so would require airport officials to install pricey accelerometers in homes and “watch families in their living rooms” to determine whether vibrations were coming from planes or people walking around the house, said SFO’s noise abatement director, Burt Ganoung. (I've spoken with Burt, what a dud!)

The recent civil grand jury report on airport noise says the airport should publish data about single noise events — such as one airplane screaming overhead. Currently, the airport only reports the average daily noise level over a three-month period..." SF Examiner July 17, 2012
 To me, it sounds like the rumbling after a bomb has gone off! It is making me feel I am living in a war zone! It's making my nerves ragged! Millbrae has high property taxes, but this increasing airport noise is lowering the property value! How could it not? Let Millbrae lower our taxes and let the airport make up for it! The airport removed trees that were at least a bit of sound barrier, WHY? It is thumbing their noses at residents! Why can't the airport put up a noise barrier wall? Basically, because they are greedy, and don't want to spend the money for the comfort and health of mere residents! They gave a few Millbrae residents double pane windows and insulation, but that was a token effort! Those residents still suffer greatly, and have their nerves and dishes rattled! No one ever anticipated the type of planes, the noise and influx of traffic, when the airport opened! The noise and the traffic have increased exponentially since the 1940's. My family has had this home since 1940, and believe me, Millbrae has been battered, bruised and abused by SFO, and it must STOP! They are showing a great contempt, lowering property values, and making people ill to what degree, we don't even know at this time! It is uncomfortable, and keeps people from sleeping decently! I feel like I have PTSD, and I live around a mile from the airport! SFO"s GREED, is NOT more important than the welfare of the people! They are a money making business! Who ever heard of a business getting away with bothering so many people? IT IS OUTRAGEOUS! PEOPLE NEED TO RISE UP AND TELL SFO, ENOUGH! WE WON'T TAKE YOUR LIES, NOISE, OR ABUSE FOR GREED ANY LONGER! They supposedly keep track of complaint calls, so PLEASE CALL THE SFO NOISE ABATEMENT NUMBER EVERY DAY! HAVE A RECORD NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS LISTED! How do I File a Noise Complaint? Noise Complaint Hotline: 650.821.4736 Toll Free Noise Complaint Hotline: 877.206.8290 Noise Complaint Email: sfo.noise@flysfo.com. IF THEY DON'T STOP ABUSING US, WE SHOULD FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAIST SFO! PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN GREEDY COMPANIES!

Concerned Citizen December 05, 2013 at 03:44 AM
That snotty operator is 1706, I believe, not 1760. But she really is horrible!
Concerned Citizen December 05, 2013 at 04:01 AM
http://www.sfonoise.com/ PLEASE SIGN PETITION! THANK YOU!
Concerned Citizen December 05, 2013 at 04:02 AM
Act now and to stop the SFO Airport Noise at: http://www.sfonoise.com/ http://www.sfonoise.com/


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