Accused Jobs Home Burglar is College Grad

The man jailed in connection with the burglary of the late Steve Jobs home is a graduate of SJSU, and a former college football player. He's accused of taking Steve Jobs' wallet and other personal belongings.

The 35-year-old Antioch man jailed for allegedly burglarizing the Palo Alto home of deceased Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is a graduate of San Jose State University, according to university officials. Kariem McFarlin received a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2004.

According to a police report, Kariem McFarlin broke into the vacant, under-construction Waverly Street home of Steve Jobs on the night of July 17.

McFarlin is accused of taking a number of items from the Jobs residence
including tech devices like iMac computers, iPads, and iPods. But he's also accused of stealing a soda maker, a blender, Cristal Champagne, a Prada bag, an Armani watch, the key to a Mercedes, more than $50,000 worth of Tiffany jewelry, and the late Job's wallet with his driver's license and credit cards inside, the police report said.

Other burglaries

According to police, McFarlin said he was having money problems, was sometimes living in his car and had begun stealing from under-construction houses in San Francisco. McFarlin said he did not know the house belonged to Jobs until he broke in and saw a letter addressed to the legendary Apple CEO, police said.

Once he had stolen the items from the home, McFarlin told police he threw furniture cushions over the side of the fence to prevent damaging the items as he moved them off Jobs' property, police said.

Apple assists investigation

According to police, Palo Alto police collaborated with Apple investigators, who had identified Jobs' stolen devices connecting to Apple servers shortly after they had been taken.

Investigators saw that the person using the devices had connected to iTunes, using customer accounts and IP addresses that police traced back
to McFarlin at his address, police said.

Upon being arrested, McFarlin reportedly told officials that he wanted to write a letter of apology to the Jobs family and that he had entered the home because he was desperate.

McFarlin is being held on $500,000 bail and is expected to appear in court on Aug. 20 to enter a plea, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.

--Bay City News with additional reporting by Beatrice Karnes

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Are you surprised that a college grad would allegedly stoop to burglarizing homes?
According to police, he is remorseful. Do you think that mitigates the situation, or do you feel that other people have fallen on hard times without resorting to crime?
Tell us in comments.


sister madly August 16, 2012 at 08:24 PM
sjsu should revoke his degree...what a dope.
m August 17, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Does a college education 'teach' you not to steal? This comes from a person. When people are desperate and not able to reach the basic of Maslo's hierarchy of needs, they do desperate things. Having a degree has nothing to do with it. Even if it was true that he was living out of his car, look at history, especially WWII. Goldberg wrote a book about, Lord of the Flies. Good people sometimes do bad things. Yes, he should be punished, but being surprised because he attended college is irrelevant.


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