ALERT: 21 Residential Burglaries Reported in Davis in the Last 2 Weeks

A message from your local police department.


We learned from the Davis Police Department Thursday afternoon that a surge in burglaries that started at the beginning of January has continued. Here's a message from Davis Police Lt. Glenn Glasgow: 

Over the past two weeks the Davis Police Department has continued to see an increase in residential burglaries city wide. During that time period, our officers took a total of twenty-one residential burglary reports. The days and times of these burglaries vary greatly. Several cases involved unlocked windows, doors, or sliders. Stolen items include laptop computers, jewelry, purses, electronics, and gaming systems.

Breakdown of activity by police beat:

  • Beat 1 (West Davis): 10 Cases
  • Beat 2 (Central Davis): 4 Cases
  • Beat 3 (East Davis): 2 Cases
  • Beat 4 (South Davis): 5 Cases

Please review and utilize the following preventative measures and tips:

  • Make sure all windows, doors, garages, side gates, etc. are closed and locked when not in use. It is also suggested, keeping doors locked when you are home. This point has been repeated many times before, but DPD continues to see a high number of unlocked entry points among our residential burglaries.
  • Report any suspicious activity such as persons walking or driving up and down your street, checking for unlocked doors and/or looking in windows, backyards or vehicles. Vehicles “cruising” your neighborhood at very slow speeds or sitting in a vehicle for extended periods can also be signs of suspicious activity.
  • Always go with your “gut feeling”, if something does not feel or look right, it probably isn’t. Call it in!
  • BE ALERT, BE AWARE, and be prepared to BE A GOOD WITNESS. CALL 911 from your home phone or 530-758-3600 from your cellular phone to report suspicious activities in progress!

For questions, more preventative measures, or inquiries about starting a neighborhood watch group please contact Jonny Volan at the Davis Police Department, 530-747-5421 or email jvolan@davispd.org

Have you seen any suspicious activity? 

Roberto January 25, 2013 at 08:42 PM
Davis ( Treasure Island ) is a gold mine for burglars. Not a lot to fear in a city made up of bleeding heart liberals who don't believe in guns or defense of their own homes. They may as well put up yard signs saying 'Welcome- This home is a Gun Free Zone.'
Matt Hamilton January 26, 2013 at 02:31 AM
There are criminals living inside of Davis. I would like to share my family's story in Affordable Housing at Moore Village Apartments. @Lisa, as a 15 year resident of Davis, I completely agree with your comment.
Matt Hamilton January 26, 2013 at 02:33 AM
Davis PD is aware of criminal individuals and gangs coming into Davis. Davis PD is also aware of the criminality at Affordable Housing properties in Davis itself. several tenants' requests and suggestions to the City Council and Yolo Board of Supervisors to monitor and require performance review of management of these properties has been completely ignored.
Laurie Norris January 27, 2013 at 01:47 PM
It doesn't always help: Our front door was kicked in last year!
Matt Hamilton March 24, 2013 at 10:51 AM
As usual, Aischa deleted her comment from "public" scrutiny. Aischa also commented on ALERT: 21 Residential Burglaries Reported in Davis in the Last 2 Weeks. "Please take anything Matt says with a grain of salt." To respond view the comment on Patch. Aischa, you are a tremendously passive aggressive person who lacks the truth and conviction to stand by your commentary. You are deceptive, manipulative and a liar. You came into our home and dropped your marital problems on us. You bashed on Islam and went to apostasy. When you unleashed your husband on us and he came over shouting, obviously he was blaming us for your manipulations. Several honest and decent tenants at Moore Village testify that you are a "user" of people. It is noticed. There are many in the Davis community who honestly and forthrightly engage in the improvement of our community. I wish for that to continue in Davis, a town which over the past 15 years has undergone a great deal of change and growth. Don't play the race card, it is quite insulting to those who read the truth of our story. You have been slanderous and defamatory and discredit the reality of racism. You do a disservice to those who seek to address truth. I can document everything I have ever said: The opposite of slander is truth. Shame!


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