Burlingame Fugitive Threatens to 'Exterminate the Jews'

The man who called a police officer 154 times after he was arrested for DUI did not show up to his trial on Tuesday.

A $150,000 bench warrant has been issued for Khalil Jaser, the Burlingame man who was arrested for DUI over the summer and spent the next month harassing his arresting officer with threatening voice messages. 

Jaser's trial was set to begin on Tuesday, but he failed to appear in court. 

As a result, the court forfeited Jaser's initial $100,000 bail bond, issued the warrant and relieved the public defender program of its obligation to Jaser. The trial was supposed to last through the end of the week. 

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday morning, when Jaser was supposed to be in court, he tweeted "Back to blackmail!! I kinda like it now .mafia terrorrism and talmudic ethics + masonic values. Thats me hahaha."

But his Twitter account gets far more interesting with a little investigation.

Dating back as far as early October, Jaser has consistently used Twitter to spew anti-Semitic rhetoric. On Jan. 9 he wrote "what does it take to exterminate the jews..give me the tools and ill use them& I am all grateful for that with a smile and pleasure."

Generally his anti-Semitic tweets are more expletive filled than the example above. In the days leading up to Dec. 24 he claimed to be arming himself and others for a revolution against the Jewish people on Christmas Eve. Several times in November, Jaser sent tweets to Mel Gibson, an actor known for denying the Holocaust.

Nov. 20: "@True_MelGibson i've been doing nothing for a few months now..i am sure you have a character for me in one of your movies.true palestinian!"

July 29 (the day after his DUI arrest): "@True_MelGibson I'd love a cup of coffee together someday...it will be the most honorable event!!! My email is khaliljaser@yahoo.com."

But the bizarre online behavior doesn't stop there. On Jan. 7, Jaser tweeted his bank account number, and on Oct. 9 he wrote "Follow my tweets as if i was lucifer speaking."

See photos of Jaser above. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the Burlingame Police Department at 650-777-4100.

Bonnie January 24, 2013 at 05:26 AM
Forget this guy, I hate him already
Rob Chapman January 28, 2013 at 10:50 AM
This man needs to be found. He is a massacre waiting to happen.


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