Palo Alto Police Report 42 Percent Decrease in Residential Burglaries for 2013

Though residential burglaries were down in 2013, auto break-ins increased by 70 percent, according to police data.

Palo Alto police have released new crime reports to let the community know exactly where we stand when it comes to local incidents.

"For those of you who may have missed our community meeting on crime last night, be sure to check out the crime statistics we shared," Palo Alto police announced on their website Wednesday.

According to the data— which you can view in its entirety by clicking here  — there has been a significant decrease in burglaries-- but increases elsewhere.

Police say you can find the following in the report: 
  • A comparison of all major crime types, by year, for the past five years.  There were 30 robberies in Palo Alto in 2013, the same number as in 2009.  There were 26 robberies in 2012.  
  • A comparison of auto burglary statistics from 2008 to current.  There's been a 70% increase in auto burglaries from 2012 to 2013, and they've only increased in number thus far in 2014.
  • A comparison of residential burglary statistics from 2008 to current.  There's been a 42% decrease in residential burglaries from 2012 to 2013, and we've only had five so far in 2014.
  • Maps of town showing where auto burglaries and residential burglaries occurred in 2013.
The community meeting was called after some residents showed concern for a a Jan. 23 armed home invasion robbery.


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