Caltrain Hears From Citizens Over Potential Changes

Changes could involved restoring four trains, adding two trains and stops to Sunnyvale and Palo Alto.

Inside the second floor auditorium of the Caltrain administrative offices, the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board listened to questions from citizens concerned about several potential changes.

Those changes include restoring trains 236, 237, 256 and 257 to the Caltrain weekday schedule, adding two trains to the evening peak commute period, and adding stops at Sunnyvale and Palo Alto. Eight citizens made their voices heard, offering the following suggestions:

  • Adding trains after 7pm rather than restoring service during the day
  • Reducing service to Tamien in order to save time.
  • Keep the Baby Bullet express service from San Francisco to San Jose to under one-hour

One concerned man asked the board what impact the changes to the schedule will have on transfers to the VTA light rail. The board said changes will be effected in the evening due to the VTA light rail’s service being times to Caltrain arrivals.

As the hour-long meeting commenced, the board encouraged people to turn in comments by June 8.  Comments can be submitted at the meeting or by June 8 via e-mail to changes@caltrain.com, via phone at 1-800.660-4287 or via mail at P.O. Box 3006, San Carlos, CA 94070-1306.

The board will consider the changes and suggestions at the next board meeting on June 7; changes that will not go into effect until fall.


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