City to Caltrain: Don’t Forget Cal Ave!

Plan to boost service in Palo Alto could be a boon for Downtown passengers, but could leave out Cal Ave.

Palo Alto Mayor Yiaway Yeh Friday sent a letter to Caltrain asking them not to ignore needs at the California Avenue station as the agency moves to boost service to the city.

The letter outlines strong support for Caltrain’s just-announced proposal to boost service to the University Avenue station, but asks Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board Chair Adrienne Tissier to be sure to consider the long-term transportation needs around Cal Ave.

Yeh calls on Caltrain to work with transportation managers from Stanford Research Park to assess the  need for additional service at the Cal Ave station.

“We believe, based on population density and proximity to both residential and commercial areas, that the California Avenue station represents a tremendous opportunity for Caltrain passenger growth,” said Yeh.

Working with Stanford’s transportation managers would allow Caltrain to also look at shuttle and work patterns.

“Palo Alto is confident that as Caltrain achieves a better understanding of how many potential Caltrain riders there are around the California Avenue station, service increases will be justified,” said Yeh.

Irvin Dawid June 09, 2012 at 03:27 PM
I would hope that the city recognizes that Caltrain determines the frequency of stops in part on AM boardings - that is, how many people board at the station. Increasing residential density within 1/2 mile of the station is a key way to maintain, if not, increase Caltrain service at this (or any other) stop.


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