Gov. Jerry Brown Being Treated for Prostate Cancer

The California governor is currently undergoing treatment, according to his office.

California Gov. Jerry Brown is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, his office announced Wednesday.

Dr. Eric Small, Brown's oncologist at University of California-San Francisco, said the cancer was in its early stage.

“Fortunately, this is early stage localized prostate cancer, which is being treated with a short course of conventional radiotherapy," Small said. "The prognosis is excellent, and there are not expected to be any significant side effects.”

The Governor's office said Brown continues to work a full schedule while being treated. His treatment is expected to be complete by the week of Jan. 7.

Brown previously had skin cancer removed from his nose in April 2011.

Brown, 74, is serving his third term as governor of California. He served two terms from 1975 to 1983.

No other information was immediately available.

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