Major Electric Power Line Upgrades Underway in South Palo Alto

News from Debra Katz, City of Palo Alto:

For residents and businesses in South Palo Alto (roughly between El Camino Real and Alma St, between Page/Mill Oregon and San Antonio road): 

HE GOOD NEWS: So long, aging 4 Kilovolt power lines!Hello, snazzy new 12 Kilovolt power lines...with your greater reliability and extra capacity to better serve our community! 

 SLIGHTLY INCONVENIENT NEWS: During this larger scale project---which began this week and will continue through mid-July---some customers will have to put up with a one-day power shut-off to allow for final connection of new lines and transformers. 

The work will be done in rotation so only smaller areas will be without power at any one time. 

All impacted customers are getting direct notices indicating the date and time of their power shut-off. 

Updates on this and other ongoing gas, water, electric and sewer system projects are available at www.cityofpaloalto.org/utilityprojects 


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