Protestors Gather Against Potential Vehicle Dwelling Ban

About 60 people stood outside of Palo Alto's City Hall this evening to show their frustration with an ordinance the city could approve Monday night.

Palo Alto City Council might ban the living in vehicles, which would make it one of the toughest laws in the Peninsula and South Bay.

James Lee, one of the organizers, doesn't feel optimistic about the defeat of the ordinance.

"We are guessing that not only because Palo Alto resident have called to oppose because of the emails they've received," Lee said.

"It's probably not," going to be voted down. But this is "just the start of what we are doing.

"Regardless of whether or not they vote against it, it might trigger an alternate."

Lee explained that the city did try to find an alternative by partnering with local churches, but the "churches don't have the facilities," Lee said.

Occupy Redwood City activists and the Raging Grannies stopped by to show their support for those who live in their cars.

"It shouldn't be the churches to come up with a solution, it should be the city," he said.

"This ordinance is too broad," Lee said. "If they could do something to keep some of these people here, some who work in Palo Alto, they should."


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