State Assembly Candidate Proposes Alternative High Speed Rail Route

Republican Chengzhi "George" Yang says rerouting the trains would save the state millions of dollars, create jobs in California, and bring fresh produce to Oakland residents.

Chengzhi "George" Yang presented an alternative route for California’s High Speed Rail project, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"where-do-we-o-re-high-speed-rail"} --> Monday in the has been a contentious issue in the Bay Area since voters approved funding for the new transportation system in 2008.   to prevent construction of the new rail system from the beginning, charging that the project’s and that the environmental impact of the project would be extremely detrimental.  that if the rail system is developed, it would require subsidies from the state.  

“The system was sold to the people of California under false pretenses,” said Dr. Alain Enthoven, who is a professor emeritus at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Enthoven is the co author of a report titled The CHSRA Knows Their Proposed High-Speed Train Will Forever Need An Operating Subsidy.

“This plan was a financial loser,” he said, noting that if the current business model is implemented, it will lose one to two billion dollars a year.  Enthoven said when the original plan was shared with voters, the proposed cost of a ticket to ride the high speed train was about $50. The price estimate has since quadrupled.  Enthoven was enthusiastic about Yang's route. 

With dozens of

Irvin Dawid September 18, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Clearly the Altamont route has advantages over the Pacheco route that sends trains up the Peninsula. However, the context in which Yang presents this alternative (which has already been reviewed and the subject of much deliberation by the decision-makers) really comes down to, IMO, "anywhere but here", and frankly, I have to reject that approach. HSR is good for California - and Peninsula residents need to remember, we too are Californians.


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