Voting Districts Are Changing: What's That Mean for You?

California Citizens Redistricting Commission released a draft of new electoral districts Friday.

After two years of work, the 14-member California Redistricting Commission released draft plans Friday in Sacramento for new congressional and state districts for the entire state.

The plans show new boundaries for California's 53 congressional districts, 40 state senate districts and 80 state assembly districts, as well as districts for the state Board of Equalization, which handles taxation issues.

As the three cities in the northern part of Santa Clara County, Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto will have a lot more in common now.

The Assembly district lines could be redrawn so that the three cities will be represented by the same person who represents southern San Mateo County. Part of Los Altos would fall in with the representative for Cupertino.

Similarly, the Senate district for the three cities will fall primarily within San Mateo County.

Few changes would occur in the congressional lines in the north part of the county. Areas of Santa Cruz County, could no longer be part of the district.

According to the commission, the district redrawing process has been transparent, has adhered to a rank-ordered set of criteria and included public input from 23 hearings and mailed-in testimonials.

The boundaries are in the draft stages now, and there will be additional public input processes. The next public hearing in the area will be on June 25 at 200 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose, from 2-5 p.m.

The final districts will be released in August.


It means you could find yourself part of a new congressional or state district. It means you could find yourself suddenly part of the majority (or minority) politically.

You can read more about the redistricting process, the commission and the criteria used for the new districts in our article here. See new and old maps of the new and old districts for Mountain View attached at right. More information about the old Board of Equalization districts can be found here.

What do you think of your proposed new district?

Irvin Dawid June 11, 2011 at 11:19 PM
I'm glad Mtn View and PA will be in the same assemb. district. I wonder about the senate district which right now makes no sense, as Sen. Simitian has noted in referencing the broad area (to Santa Cruz) his constituency.
Claudia Cruz June 12, 2011 at 11:07 PM
It looks like Mountain View and Palo will also fall within the same Senate District and from the .pdf map above, looks like no part of Santa Cruz County will be.


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