Branching Out

Canopy and Microsoft banded together to help plant 120 trees at the Brentwood Academy over the weekend.

Record ridership on BART, an extra million people in San Francisco. And yet a handful of citizens found the time to help brighten the future of children over the weekend.

Canopy, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit, and Microsoft brought community and volunteers together to plant 120 trees at Brentwood Academy in East Palo Alto on Saturday.

A green environment is crucial at schools and Canopy is dedicated to planting trees for healthier communities. In fact, children with ADD/ADHD concentrate better after spending time in green environments, kids in areas with more trees also have lower asthma rates and views of nature from classrooms enhance attention and improve concentration.

Luckily there were people who were generous enough to send photos in from the event.

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