Large Oak Tree on the Chopping Block

Safety concerns led to decision to remove tree.

An old oak tree at will be removed this weekend due to safety concerns, according to the school district.

Four arborists were enlisted to evaluated the tree, and all four agreed that removal was the best option, in the interest of public safety, according to a statement from Palo Alto Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Kevin Skelly.

The tree extends over both lanes of Middlefield road, which will be narrowed to one lane Satuday during the tree’s removal.

Arborists performed a tomographic scan, or tree x-ray, to determine its health. The tree is heavily infested with a wood decay fungus, according to the statement.

“This tree presents a significant hazard because of extensive trunk decay and the targets in the vicinity that will be struck when the tree falls apart - the very busy Middlefield Road to the south and the school classroom building in the north,” according to the report.

In its place, the tree will be replaced with three, 36-inch California black oaks.

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