The Weekender: Nourish your Mind, Your Body, Your Soil—and Dance!

Time to rejuvenate all areas of your life—seize your weekend!

Learn to identify the beautiful trees that grace Palo Alto neighborhoods. (Photo: Canopy.org)
Learn to identify the beautiful trees that grace Palo Alto neighborhoods. (Photo: Canopy.org)

Tree Walk with Canopy

Can you tell the difference between an Eastern Redbud and a Flowering Dogwood?  Learn more about the trees that you see in your own neighborhood and local parks.  A certified arborist will guide your walk around the Lucie Stern Community Center and surrounding neighborhood. More information

Nourish Your Soil

The best way to grow healthy plants is to have healthy soil. Learn about the microscopic organisms at work under the surface in your yard in this free seminar taught by Theresa Lyngso of Lyngso Garden Materials. Sunset says now is the best time to plant strawberries, blueberries, and several varieties of fruit trees—so your  reward will come immediately when you nourish your soil. More information

Dance Your Bliss

After you’ve learned how to nourish your soil, seize this opportunity to nourish your soul. Dance Your Bliss founder Rachel Fleischman is a licensed psychotherapist who will teach you how to move out of your head and into exuberant, restorative movement. More information

Sunday Assembly

Many who grew up attending church only to turn their back on religion as adults miss the community, singing, and other trappings that created a meaningful church family. Sunday Assembly is church without religion. A speaker will talk about the latest advancements in stem cell research, plus the best bits of church. More information

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