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I have moved a bit in my life which has influenced who I am. I enjoy public spaces and the shared sense of community I feel when taking walks in parks and neighborhoods and city streets that are well populated. I am attracted to happiness and try to stay in the moment and recognize the goodness that is around me. I accept that sometimes my happiness is counter to my principles like eating Twizzlers even though I am sure Michael Pollan has it figured out.
I am inspired by art, literature, music, water, the sky and mountains, movement, color, the traditions and rituals people use to create meaning in their lives, acts of generosity and kindness and moments of brilliance. I like the spirit of the 1920's Flappers, the suits and hats of the 1950s and I am nostalgic of the music of the 80s.  I appreciate people who stand up for others and who communicate with the purpose of sharing rather than winning.  I am drawn to earnest communication and good humor.  
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